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Svrha proglašenja Svetskog dana poezije jeste doprinos promociji čitanja, pisanja, objavljivanja i učenja poezije u čitavom svetu, kao i podsticanje nacionalnih, regionalnih i internacionalnih poetskih pokreta.


(UNESCO, Svetski dan poezije/World Poetry Day, 1999).

World Poetry Day

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade, in March 2001, got together literary and poetry associations and groups, poets and poetry critics, and also thought out and organized a few-day reading of poetry, in both conventional and non-conventional ways, led by desire this marginalized literary genre to become a relevant “news” for a short time and to bring it back to its place within the more and more muffled public discourse. Poetry reading in Belgrade was a part of the then synchronized action of poetry reading in 150 cities throughout the world, under the patronage of the UNESCO, and it also had an outstanding engaged concept (Dialogue among Civilizations through Poetry). One of the results of this event was a unique electronic publication of anthology of poems written by the writers from almost all 150 cities, within www.dialoguepoetry.org in both English and mother tongues of the writers. Topics, contents and participants of our manifestation have been changing over time, of course, from the attempts poetry to be heard in Belgrade everyday life (at the supermarkets, greenmarkets, city buses, squares, recreation grounds, etc.), to poetry reading at some other unusual spots (roofs of important city’s buildings, the city’s Planetarium, etc.), as well as by organizing of panel debates (relation: poetry–theory–media), i.e. poetry workshops. The so-called free interpretation of poetry and performance – i.e. relevance of the “body” of the poetic subject during the process of a poem creation, as well as during the process of transmitting the poetry to the audience – is especially emphasized. Because we believe that poetry may win over/bring back a larger audience through a direct engagement of the body/voice of the author, i.e. intriguingly thought out appearance.


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