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ANDREA PALAŠTI, Home Workouts, photographies
In cooperation with the Art Academy in Novi Sad
16 Mar Thu
20 Apr Thu

From the very beginning of her artistic activity, Andrea Palašti has associated photography with various forms of visual research, using the medium as the material and conceptual practice. In her case, professional involvement often implies interdisciplinary, curatorial and collaborative projects that deal with a variety of thematic and problem-oriented activities within the local and regional social context, as well as work with archives, using different exhibition strategies and policies of presentation in the field of contemporary visual art.
Drawing on the tradition of conceptualist approaches to photography, Andrea Palašti grounds her poetics on theoretical and practical research, moving in the process in border areas of the photographic medium and often stepping beyond its borders and conventional methodology. The project Home Workouts, just like much of her previous work, involves collaboration with other artists, people around her, family members, students and the audience. Relied on the practices arising from the Dadaist and post-Duchampian artistic activism, such as Fluxus, these intermedia art activities of Andrea Palašti contribute to direct merging of life (everyday) and art within a defined social context. Home Workouts, as a participative instruction-based art project, implies tasks based on instructions mutually exchanged by the project participants in the form of visual communication. Fluxus practices implied intermediality , which – quite unlike the defined practices such as mixed-media and multimedia – pointed to an unlimited territory for experimentation and the freedom of choice of medium and form in accordance with the artist’s needs and idea. In line with this definition of intermediality, Andrea Palašti in her project Home Workouts puts the medium of photography in the central place, but also introduces less common media of video, collage, text and drawing. Addressing the theme of the unity of art and life, this project clearly highlights the long-achieved democratic nature of the medium of photography and its inseparability from life and art. So, we look at Home Workouts as an intermedia collaborative art project, indicating that Andrea Palašti’s focus of interest can be found in the areas of personal and general social everyday life and its determinateness through broader social, political, economic and cultural conditions and processes.

Miroslav Karić and Slađana Petrović Varagić

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