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(Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier - Action!
Four day series of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and exhibitions of outstanding authors, designers and theorists from Serbia, region, and Europe. The project is primarily meant for students of art faculties and faculties of design from the region, but for the young professionals and public, as well.
28 Mar Wed
31 Mar Sat

Third consecutive conference, being held in March 2012, is entitled Action!

… We, designers, spend all our time and energy on producing need for the things which are, at
least, worthless… There are pursuits more worthy of our problem-solving skills. Unprecedented
environmental, social and cultural crises demand our attention. “Many cultural interventions,
social marketing campaigns, books, magazines, exhibitions, educational tools, television
programs, films, charitable causes and other information design projects urgently require our
expertise and help.”
… (The First Things First Manifest, 2000).

Are these sentences still meaningful today? We live in the system that easily absorbs every critical action and it can momentarily be turned into a part of its own machinery. Do we still have more will and energy for an action in our introvert worlds daily focused solely on our own plate and TV screen? Are resistance strategies against the existing order and active bomb pushed away to the social margin? Is the deceptive reality of the margin sufficient for us? Within the conference the following people will try to give the answers: Rick Poynor (GB), Daniel van der Velden (NL), Tony Credland and Glenn Orton (GB), Dejan Dragosavac (CRO), Rafaela Drazic (HR), The Miha Artnak (SLO), Jovan Cekic (SER), A3 Format group (SER), Milos Ilic (SER)...

This year (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier – Action! includes four exhibitions: The Design of Dissent, selected by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić; Design and Independent Culture in Croatia 1990-2010; exhibition PENGUIN 76 - Penguin publications in 2011; Exhibition Collaboration Projects by group Škart; Exchanging, exhibition of prints by students and conference participants.

The author, organiser and producer of international conference (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier is non-governmental organisation BLOKOVI, found in 2010, which deals with educational projects in the field of design, art and architecture, mainly addressed to future young professionals who will carry social development. Blokovi are active with a goal to develop a network that will value knowledge and functional models, necessary in order to establish new positive values at younger population.

International conference (Graphic) Designer: Author or Universal Soldier has been organised for the third consecutive year in the partnership with Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Faculty for Media and Communication - University Singidunum, ERSTE Bank, Fund for Open Society, Museum of Contemporary Art and Cultural Centre GRAD.


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