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CD Promotion: Ana Milosavljevic, REFLECTIONS
25 Nov
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CD cover page of Ana Milosavljevic's CD REFLECTIONS, Innova Recordings


1. Ana Milosavljevic: Reflections (2009) for violin and piano
2. Aleksandra Vrebalov: The Spell III (2008) for amplified violin and computer
3. Katarina Miljkovic: White City (2008) for amplified violin, electronics, and video
4. Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy: Undertow (1997) for violin and piano
5. Ana Milosavljevic: Untitled (2008) for violin and dancer
6. Eve Beglarian: Wolf Chaser (1995) for amplified and processed violin, wolf chaser, electronics, and optional video
7. Svjetlana Bukvich-Nichols: Before and After the Tekke (2006) for am¬plified violin, electronics, and voice

About composer/violinist ANA Milosavljevic and her new cd Reflections

Equally at home in both Eastern Europe and New York City, Ana Milosavljevic (aka ANA) is a musical dual citizen. Her new CD Reflections features her broad talents as violinist, composer, and commissioner of new works — all by women with at least one foot in both regions. ANA has been acclaimed by The Strad as “an imaginative artist willing to think big” and by New Music Connoisseur as a “virtuoso performer” with “a wonderful mix of technique, sensitivity and passion.” This multi-talented Serbian native and Manhattan-based artist has stunned audiences at venues from the cozy Cornelia Street Care to the legendary Carnegie Hall and Kennedy Center and all points in between. ANA is the recipient of 2010 ASCAPLUS Award and has been chosen as 2010/2011 Artist-In-Residence at the Serial Underground music series at Cornelia Street Café in New York City, presented by ComposersCollaborative Inc. She serves on the violin faculty of Mannes College The New School for Music, and can be heard on the Albany, Chandos, Innova, Pitch, and Neos Classics labels. This coming November 19, 2010 Ana is pleased to be performing with singer/songwriter Joy Askew on the Art for Animals fundraiser at Club Helsinki, Hudson, NY featuring headliner Laurie Anderson. (www.artforanimals.org)

ANA is a pioneer at fusing elements of traditional Balkan music with other imagined soundworlds, often in multimedia collaboration with dance, theater, or visual projections. In addition to two of her own works, the Reflections CD includes works written for her by some of the most exciting and boundary-blurring composers in music today. Artists with roots in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia will take you on a guided tour of new musical geography. From Serbian songs to Belgrade soundscapes, from Buddhist chants to bull roars from a dervish monastery, to a New York dance club. This recording was made possible in part through grants from the Alice M. Ditson Fund of Columbia University, and New York Women Composers, Inc.

ANA comments My new CD ‘Reflections’ represents my dual musical citizenship through the sonic experiences of my native Serbia and my current hometown, New York City. Each work is the result of collaborations with dance and visual artists, composers, performers, and technicians who’ve made similar journeys. The CD title refers to both the mental act of reflection — of contemplation, meditation, self-discovery — and the physical act of reflection, what you reflect out to the world after having taken it in. Through this music, I aim to reflect and to share thrilling and unforgettable moments of love, happiness, sadness, regrets and no-regrets, hope, peace, harmony, and gratitude, and, most importantly, how I came to find my home in my heart.

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