Educational programs

Educational programs organized by the Cultural Centre of Belgrade are designed predominantly for children and young people, as well as for their parents or caregivers. Through learning, thoughts exchange and practical work, we let our young audience approach the various programs prepared by the Centre in a creative and participatory manner.

The programs, which are usually organized in the form of workshops, offer the participants the tools they need in order to learn how to “see” and “hear” contemporary art, they invite them to talk about their experience of art, and to make links with everyday life, to develop critical thinking and creativity, and to obtain practical experience of an art process.

Educational programs link all the art practices of the Centre through other forms, too: meeting the authors, guided tours, lectures, seminars, conferences.

Centre’s educational programs develop in step with their audience through an active exchange of ideas, and through cooperation with individuals, associations, cultural institutions, schools, faculties, at both local and international level.

Among the program formats are:

A series of creative workshops which introduce young people to various programs at the Centre. The workshops are meant for young people aged 15-22, with a special focus on high-school students. Each workshop consists of a lecture, a discussion, and practical work. The workshops are usually dedicated to visual arts and film.

A series of creative workshops for children aged 6-11, and for adults (parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, etc.). These workshops have an aim to introduce the youngest audience to the Centre’s programs in a fun and age-appropriate way. Particular emphasis is placed on cooperation between children and adults.