A.S. (25) / 29.10-4.11. / 17.00

29.10.2020., 17:00

Serbia 2019, 72’
Director: Milena Grujić
Cast: Vladimir Gvojić, Nikola Šurbanović, Dominika Walo, Nenad Pećinar, Sara Pejčić, Rambo Amadeus, Miki Krstović, Saša Torlaković, Anastasija Mandić
Festivals and awards: Best actor award at Niš FF

In the mist and mud of a Belgrade suburb, in a small rented apartment lives Sale, a 25-year-old delinquent, a petty criminal who steals and cheats in order to make a living. He has no one to count on except his friend and partner in crime, Andrej. Together, they planned to rob an exchange office, but that evening the robbery goes wrong. On the hallway they stumble upon a girl and Andrej decides to take her hostage. As the police is looking for them, the tension rises, psychological barriers weaken and Sale starts to develop a relationship with her. As the negotiator tries to persuade Sale to turn in, he confronts the overwhelming loneliness. The girl is his escapism embodied, she is everything he will never have.