Fine Arts Program

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade Fine Arts Program is dedicated to creative endeavors in various fields and media of contemporary visual arts, as well as to presentation of experimental practice in the fields of art and curatorship.

Exhibition program, which presents artists from Serbia and from abroad, is carried out in three specialized galleries: Fine arts Gallery (113m2), Artget Gallery (175m2), and Podroom Gallery (213m2).

Besides solo, monographies, group and thematic exhibitions accompanied by bilingual Serbian/English catalogue, integral parts of the Fine Arts Program are expert lectures on relevant art movements and phenomena on the modern and recent scene in Serbia and abroad, discussions with protagonists of the contemporary art scene, promotion of books in the fields of modern and contemporary art history and theory, curatorial and thematic guided tours through exhibitions, lectures in the field of museum and gallery education, educative program.

What additionally promotes fine arts critique and critical scrutiny of contemporary fine and visual arts is the annual “Lazar Trifunović” Award, cofounded by the Centre, which has for years been organizing the process and the award ceremony for this unique vocational prize.

The fine arts program, which has been active for decades, has so far presented all the new movements and important authors on contemporary art scene of Belgrade, Serbia, and former Yugoslavia, many exhibitions, organized interdisciplinary and multimedia projects (link) such as October Salon, Yugoslav Triennale of Fine Art, and has been establishing cooperation with renowned institutions from all over the world.


    • Fine Arts Gallery

      Fine Arts Gallery, opened in September 1961, represents one of the oldest exhibition spaces in Belgrade. Situated on the ground floor of the Center, it is one of the most visited galleries in town, which promotes almost all the important movements and phenomena in Serbian, Yugoslav and international art since the second half of the 20th century – from imagination, informalism, and new figuration, to geometric abstraction and expressionism, video and new art practices, postmodern, digital art, intermedia and site-specific projects.

      Annual programs of the Gallery are drawn up by the Council which consists of historians and theoreticians of art, and the curators.

      The place is accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

    • Artget Gallery

      The idea behind the Artget Gallery is to present, interpret, understand and promote photo images. From the moment it was launched in 2002, this exhibition space, which has consistently and continuously been dedicated to photographic art, has presented a vast number of artists from Serbia and abroad, who are active in photography ranging from documentary and historic to contemporary visual art.

      Artistic director, an expert in photography, in collaboration with the editorial team of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, devises an annual plan which consists of 11-13 exhibitions selected either by an open call and/or by invitation.

      Lectures, talks with the artists, theoreticians, critics and photography art historians, guided tours through exhibitions, portfolio presentations, workshops, presentations of books on photography, all make a significant contribution to the improvement and understanding of this ubiquitous media and the world of contemporary visual art and culture. That was also the aim behind the initiation of the specialized publishing which, through the editions Foto Artget – Theory, and Foto Artget – Monography 5 ½ fills the void which, in our context, exists when it comes to theory of photography and monography testimonies about the current photography scene in Serbia.

      The place is accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

      Prostor Galerije Artget

    • Podroom Gallery

      Podroom (Basement) Gallery, introduced in September 2012, focuses on exhibitions and programs which, created through international and/or regional cooperation, belong to visual art focused on moving pictures: video, video installations, art film, animation and multimedia installations. The concept of the gallery – “black box” – places an accent on experimental nature of artistic work and critical thinking about social and political settings. Annual program of the gallery is brought about by the Council made of renowned visual artists, historians, theoreticians, contemporary art critics from the country and the region, and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade curators.

      The name of the gallery is a reminder of the Podroom Gallery in Zagreb (1978-1980) which used to gather artists who demanded the rights for independent definition of working conditions, which is memorialized by a mural by Darinka Pop-Mitić, at the entrance of the Belgrade space.

      The place is accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.

      Prostor Galerija Podroom