The Belgrade Window

The Belgrade Window was launched in 1991 out of the need to acknowledge and promote modern, urban, and practical Belgrade souvenirs. Consistent to the visual image of Belgrade, it now represents a unique place in the city, which, both in spirit and in appearance, promotes, through images, visions and a noticeable Belgrade lifestyle, authentic Belgrade souvenirs, created mostly by Serbian artists and designers. This approach supports our design and art scene and its production.

Insisting on a clear urban trait of Belgrade identity, the items from auteurs’ collections follow its dynamic changes.

The Belgrade Window offers personal and household items marked by a clear design and an urban approach, as well as a diverse selection of books about Belgrade, all of which is invaluable in an authentic presentation of the city.

Apart from numerous auteurs’ souvenir collections, commissioned by the Belgrade Window, it has since its inception cooperated with many cultural, fashion and design institutions.

This place, situated in the central pedestrian zone and strongly attached to the heart of Belgrade through its large windows, is very often a venue of various cultural and promotional events.

The place is accessible for people with limited mobility and wheelchair users.


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