Throughout its long and rich history, the Centre, founded in 1957 as a centre for information and culture, has never abandoned its initial mission to foster the highest artistic, cultural and social values, and to promote the highest creative achievements, research and experiment on both Serbian and international scene.

The only aspects that have undergone changes over the time were the forms, priority fields and topics, which are being modified according to the needs of the times that are often recognized and embraced by the Centre faster than by anyone else.

Today, it is a dynamic cultural institution where innumerable ideas, topics, poetics, forms and media in various creative fields get constantly linked and contextualized, blending into a unique program whole which lends an extraordinary vitality and a strong profile to this house – the Centre celebrates the present moment, while at the same time it relies on understanding past and preparing for the future.

The very fact that the Centre is not a museum or an institute for the protection of the cultural heritage grants a privilege to take a step into the unknown, into an exploration and towards a promising experiment, and to use a unique program concept to offer proven values, youth talent, the old, the new, the known and the unknown.

Lectures, workshops, debates, conferences, guided tours and projects in real and virtual space are precious media for understanding the exciting world of creation, especially in contemporary concepts, forms and media, for both professionals and wide audience, for the young generation and in particular.


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