Literary and debate program is carried out through programs that cover the promotion of books in the field of literature and humanistic sciences, discussions with renowned writers from Serbia and abroad, a series of debates on topical issues, and lectures by theoreticians from renowned universities worldwide. It also organizes literary workshops for the young.

The programs problematize the status of the system of literature, culture and education in the context of contemporary Serbian community and European communities, while at the same time supporting independent Serbian publishing.

Through a special series of discussions/interviews “Architecture in Context”, the audience has a chance to meet contemporary Serbian architects.

The Cultural Centre of Belgrade is the initiator and the organizer of two literary festivals: Festival of One Author and World Poetry Day(s).

All the literary and panel programs are free of charge.


    The festival is dedicated to Serbian and Yugoslav authors who were active during modernism and avantgarde, whose literary and life heritage has remained partially unexplored, and whose texts have remained relevant to date. The festival is not conceived as a glorification of an author but nurtures a critical interdisciplinary character.

    The festival offers new contents: exhibitions, theatre installations and performances, music compositions, books, discussions… consistent with the work and the ideas of the author in question through cooperation among numerous artists, researchers, and various institutions. Prior festivals were devoted to the art and its contemporary reception of the following authors: Rastko Petrović, Stanislav Vinaver, Momčilo Nastasijević, and Miroslav Krleža.


    Three-day-long festival in March, dedicated to contemporary poetry, brings news on novelties from literary scenes worldwide, creates new opportunities for cooperation between Serbian and international authors, provides literary education for young people, while demonstrating possibilities of symbiosis between poetry and other arts. Since its inception, this event has also been problematizing social status of contemporary poetry, as well as its “activist” potential.

    The festival is linked to 21st March, which UNESCO has declared the World Petry Day.

    Among the festival guests were Adam Zagajewski, Eva Lipska, Jerome Rothenberg, Radmila Lazić, Uwe Kolbe, Amir Or, Valerio Magrelli, Gerhard Falkner, Ewa Sonenberg, Dubravka Đurić, Faruk Šehić, Marko Pogačar, Nikola Madžirov, Ana Ristović, Vojislav Karanović, Zvonko Karanović…