October Salon

Founded and supported by the City of Belgrade, October Salon is an important international event dedicated to visual arts. The beginning of October Salon dates back to 1960, when it was founded by the model of Paris Salons, as an annual exhibition of the best works in fine arts in Yugoslavia, and since 1967 of applied arts as well. In the course of its history, the Salon was changing its concept and modes of organization, and in 2004 it became an international event and one of the most relevant reference points for both Serbian and regional art scene.

The aim of the Salon is to present and promote most important new visual artworks by Serbian and foreign artists. The program consists of an exhibition, round-table discussions, workshops, lectures, guided tours, performances, gatherings of artists, curators, critics, art and culture theoreticians and historians, media representatives and art lovers from country and abroad.

The Board of the October Salon, appointed by the City of Belgrade, decides on the concept, appoints art director/curator, and the members of the international jury that presents the October Salon Award. Since 2007, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade also gives a special prize which in the form of an opportunity to exhibit in its galleries.

Prior curators of the international October salon editions were: Anda Rottenberg, Darka Radosavljević and Nebojša Vilić, René Block, Lorand Hegyi, Bojana Pejić, Branislava Anđelković, Johan Poussete and Celia Prado, Alenka Gregorič and Galit Eilat, Branislav Dimitrijević  and Mika Hannula, curator group Red Min(e)d, Nicolaus Schafhausen and Vanessa Müller, David Eliot, Gunnar Kvaran and Daniel Kvaran, Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin…

In 2014, October Salon was transformed from an annual into a biannual event.



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