Exhibition UNDER THE SKIN, Gallery Podroom, 16 – 18 April

16.04.2021-18.04.2021, 12:00-20:00

16 – 18/4/2021
Exhibition will be open from Friday, April 16th at noon


Authors: Anastasija Radovanović, Bojana Stević, Valentina Rosić, Katarina Vasiljević, Katarina Cimbaljević, Marija Dimitrijević, Marija Đukić, Milica Avramović, Milica Matović, Tamara Matić

Ana Simona Zelenović, curator of the exhibition, art historian

At the exhibition entitled Under the Skin will be presented the art works of the young women who attended the photo course of Femix’s educational program (FemixEdu) Conversation. Some of the exhibitors have photographic and exhibition experience while some have encountered this type of artistic expression for the first time.

This exhibition, which is part of photographic course in organization of Femix, showed that we have not yet clarified some topics. Almost all photographers point out that patriarchy is inscribed in a woman’s body, that is, that through this inscription, which cannot be erased, we inscribe the struggle for our body, for our opinion and spirituality, in the end we inscribe in our facial expressions, hand movements, the relationship of the body with the environment, our struggle for freedom and voice, that is, expression. Most of our authors who exhibit, show interest in thinking about the problems of the female body, such as: what does it mean to be born, live and re-constitute and perform the female body? They show what is behind the objectified appearance of the female body – that there is the courage to face the patriarchal legacy, the strength to live and survive the pain of violence, the determination to talk about complex inner life and the talent to artistically shape these experiences. While one part of the photo focused on the body and the practices of its discipline, as well as the experience of survival of the female body in a patriarchal society, the other part dealt more with the spiritual and psychological aspects of being, interpersonal relationships and the consequences of living in an inequality society.

Ana Simona Zelenović, curator of exhibition

The exhibition will be held from April 16 to 18 in the Podroom Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. Working hours are from 12 am to 8 pm. For all additional information, check out: https://femix.info/izlozba-fotografija-ispod-koze/