58th October Salon | Belgrade Biennial: lecture IN PRAISE OF THE SOFTNESS, Igor Simić

27.06.2021., 18:00

Sunday, June 27
CULTURAL CENTRE of BELGRADE, Artget Gallery, 5/1 Republic Square
18:00 – Igor Simić, In Praise of the Softness, lecture

Born in 1988
Lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia

Within the 58th October Salon are presented two works, one Series of Radio Nostalgia from Mars in the gallery Podroom and the other, the video Melancholic DWrone (2015) as part of the film program, represents a surveillance drone reflects on its own existence, flying over the city of Belgrade and following an unplanned trajectory. The drone, a humanized technological character, seems almost bored by its own functionality, a subtly ironic allusion to a theme that worries and fascinates the sci-entific community and certain movie productions: the possibility of a digital conscience.