BELDOCS 2021 / 16.9.2021. /

16.09.2021-16.09.2021, 17:00

In My Room
, Mati Diop, Francuska, Italija, 20’ – Vatromet

Made during lockdown, In My Room plunges us into the poignant story of a woman at the twilight of her life, through recordings of the director’s deceased grandmother. Living rooms become stages where life is performed. Windows become portals to the lives of others.

To Feather, to Wither, Hanna Hovitie, Mađarska, Belgija, Portugal, Finska, 20’ – Vatromet

A young taxidermist is fascinated by crows, paying considerate attention to their dead bodies. Her work on the birds is simultaneously a careful study of anatomical connections and a kind of service toward the resurrection of this mythical creature from the realm between life and death. Through detailed, pulsating black-and-white images and a sparingly intense soundtrack, a charged atmosphere unfolds between craftsmanship, imagination and poetry.

Moth, Roxanne Gaucherand, Francuska, Belgija, 49’ – Vatromet

Summer 2016, somewhere in France, a mysterious plague strikes the villages: swarms of white butterflies have invaded the region. As night approaches, everyone is shutting down in their homes, trapped by the seemingly unstoppable vermin. As the big swarm approaches, Lou discovers both the strange insects and her feelings for her friend Sam.

The Witch’s Cauldron, Branislav Jankić, 91’ – Specijalne projekcije

In the film, a live audience, consisting of different ethnic and religious groups from
the Balkans, in which a single narrator recites six stories about six significant historical events impacting the Balkans. Following each story, a real mixed martial arts fight occurs, shot and framed to reveal not only the violence humans are capable of, but also manifesting the poetry of movement, mutual respect and the very tangible intimacy of two human bodies struggling.

The Communion of my Cousin Andrea, Brandán Cerviño, Španija, 12’ – Vatromet

Brandán asks Andrea about the memories she has about the day she made her first communion and thus, being able to start making the film they have agreed on. Andrea takes the opportunity to imagine how she would like the ceremony to have been. Andrea explains how beautiful it would be to appear in those photos with money towers and sports cars, to the rhythm of some reggaeton theme and substituting Bibles and rosaries for the latest models of smartphones.

Drama Girl, Vincent Boy Kars, Holandija, 90’ – Vatromet

Leyla (26) is the protagonist in a film based on her own life story. The director surrounds her with professional actors. Together they explore how people, compile a certain image of their own story and how that image gets rearranged when a trauma occurs. As she takes over the past with them, the film probes the question of how drama, as a genre, can help us better understand ourselves and the world around us.