MERRY CHRISTMAS, JIWU / 23-25.12. / 21.00

23.12.2021-25.12.2021, 21:00

21.00 MERRY CHRISTMAS, JIWU ( doc. ) 
SERBIA, SWEDEN, 2020. 94’ Director: Mladen Kovačević

Communist ideals have recently faded in the Chinese city of Jiwu, where more than 600 factories produce Christmas for the world. Thanks to high salaries, factory workers can afford the latest iPhones, but they still sleep in stuffy dormitories. They are all migrants in this country, nostalgic for something far away. Some miss their families who stayed in their homeland, and some miss their friends and partners from the factories when they return home for the holidays.
The younger generations are tired of too long working hours in the factory, chemical fumes and sequins. They don’t care about their parents’ expectations of going to school. Whispered between the communist tradition and the newly established Chinese dream of success, they dream of business, wealth, independent living and love.