LITTLE MOM / 21-27.4. / 20.00

21.04.2022-27.04.2022, 20:00

France 2021, 72’
Director: Céline Sciamma
Cast: Joséphine Sanz, Gabrielle Sanz, Nina Meurisse, Stéphane Varupenne, Margot Abascal…

8-year-old Nelly has just lost her beloved grandmother and is helping her parents clean out her mother’s childhood home. She explores the house and the surrounding woods where her mom, Marion, built the tree house she’s heard so much about. One day her mother abruptly leaves. That’s when Nelly meets a girl her own age in the woods building a tree house. Her name is Marion.

* PETIT MAMAN had its world premiere at last year’s Berlin Festival, and its Serbian premiere at the last “Free Zone” Film Festival. The director looks at an important moment in the transition from childhood to adulthood and examines issues in life from a decidedly female perspective.