Serbian Film Week / 12.6.2022. / 18.00

12.06.2022., 18:00

Serbia, 2021, 74’
Director: Goran Radovanović
Participate: Srđan Petrović, Luka Petrović, Ljubomir Filijović, Velja Stojković, Gavrilo Kujundžić, Živana Pavlović…

Peter Handke received the Nobel Prize for Literature in October 2019 in Stockholm. Having heard about it, Srdjan Petrović – a winemaker from the Serbian village of Velika Hoča in Kosovo decided to place a commemorative plaque with an embossed portrait of Handke in his wine shop, that the famous writer had visited on a number of occasions. But is the winemaker aware that Handke’s controversial attitude and opinions might prevent him from attending the plaque unveiling ceremony?

Serbia, Denmark, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, 2021, 104’
Director: Dušan Milić
Cast: Danica Ćurčić, Slavko Štimac, Miona Ilov, Nikola Rakočević, Lazar Maksimović, Bojana Petković, Nikola Angelovski, Ilija Ivezić, Flavio Parenti, Ivan Zerbinati, Natalija Mitić, Milica Miladinović, Nikola Kent, Darren Pettie, Slaviša Čurović, Slađana Bukejlović, Riccardo Maranzana

In the mountainous outback of Kosovo, in the household surrounded by a dense forest, lives Milica with her mother and grandfather. When the night falls the family barricades in the house, frightened by the terror coming out of the woods. Is that horror of the besieged house an echo of the recent war times, or just their imagination, as the KFOR officials admonish them? There are no material evidences that something bad is happening, but with every forthcoming night, their fear arises…

* Awards: Trieste Film Festival 2022 – Audience Award; 50th Belgrade International Film Festival FEST – Critic Award „Nebojša Djukelić“ for Best Film