LEAVE NO TRACES / ŻEBY NIE BYŁO ŚLADÓW / 17.11.2022. / 17:00

17.11.2022., 17:00

November 17th at 17.00

Leave No Traces / Żeby nie było śladów
Poland, Czech Republic, France, 2021, 160’
Director: Jan P. Matuszyński
Cast: Tomasz Ziętek, Sandra Korzeniak, Jacek Braciak, Agnieszka Grochowska, Mateusz Górski, Robert Więckiewicz, Tomasz Kot, Sebastian Pawlak

Poland, 1983. The country is shaken by the case of Grzegorz Przemyk – a high school student beaten to death by militia. Based on true events, the film follows the story of Jurek – the only witness of the beating, who overnight became the number one enemy of the state. The oppressive regime used its whole apparatus – the secret service, militia, the medias and the courts – to squeeze Jurek and other people close to the case, including his parents and Przemyk’s mother, Barbara.

Festivals: Venice Film Festival, Haifa Film Festival, BFI London Film Festival, Film Festival Cottbus, Palm Springs International Film Festival