2023 Artget Gallery programme

27.01.2023., 12:00-20:00

Citizen Photographer*


The Artget Gallery’s programme for 2023 season is titled Citizen Photographer.

The photography which is invasive, which reaches out from the subjective to the community, and enables the community to be established.

Bare life – the way of living which excludes one from the community, which is indeed lived by more people than we are ready to acknowledge.

The photography which, in a contemplative way, renews life jeopardised by dire circumstances and catastrophe.

The photography which dissolves rigid and ideological in favour of lived identities.

The photography which restores Republic.


*Inspired by book The Civil Contract of Photography by Ariella Azoulay.


The Artget Gallery 2023 programme is conceived as dynamic, open and not predefined, with the idea to present authors from different environments, in order to enable a certain overview of reality mediated by photographic images. The exhibitions are conceived as resulting from discussions of the topics and issues that engage authors in their communities, with new and relevant exhibition material being produced in this way. Such an approach, with its conscious excursions into the uncertainty, expands possibilities and highlights the potential of photography as a medium that should accurately and precisely convey reality.

The authors to have their exhibitions this year are: Jovana Dimitrijević (Leskovac), Sonja Leboš (Užice), Nemanja Gajić (Užice), Milan Dobrić (Kosovska Mitrovica), Milena Petronijević (Leposavić, Kragujevac), Aida Camović (Novi Pazar), Dejan Golić (Belgrade), Radovan Nastić (Belgrade), Boris Burić (Belgrade), Marija Kovač (Novi Sad), Majlinda Hoxha (Pristina) and Atdhe Mulla (Pristina).



Srđan Veljović
Photographer, conceptual documentarian. Born in 1968. Graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Belgrade. Member of the Association of Visual Artists of Serbia (ULUS). He deals with the problem of identity and its establishment as an externally constructed field, by examining the points where the borders that define it are transgressed. Realised projects: Architecture and Fascism, Nice Living as and Excess, Sky, Gender Boundaries, Power Economy of Heterosexual Relationship, How High Is Safe, Knife Wire, The Skill of Transition, Transposition – Džoni Racković, Multitudes, Techno-Positions of Culture, Potential Places of Solidarity, Museums and Other Places of Memory, Jarboli, Industry, Photos, Portraits, Cinema Theatres in the Culture of Memory, 20-25-29, Das Unheimliche as a Practical Tool, 1990s, Cultivation / Commodification, Migrations / Destination, 1980s, The Wall – 30 Years, Versatility / Individuality, Hygiene of a Cleanse, Nature without Society, An Experiment in History. He exhibited in around 50 solo and over 40 group exhibitions in Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Romania, Albania, Austria, Germany, USA.

Recent solo exhibitions:
“Migrations / Destinations: Extended”, Reflektor Gallery, Užice, May 2022
“An Experiment in History”, Gradac Cultural Centre, Raška, March 2022
“Nature without Society”, NGVU, Belgrade, September 2021
“Hygiene of a Cleanse”, KC Grad, Belgrade, September 2020
“Versatility, Individuality”, Goethe-Instutut, Belgrade, February 2020
„The Wall – 30 Years”, Šok Koridor (Shock Corridor), Novi Sad, December 2019 and Kvaka 22 (Catch 22), Belgrade, November 2019
“Cultivation / Commodification”, X Vitamin Gallery, Belgrade, July 2019
“1980s”, Blok Gallery, Belgrade, December 2018
“1990s”, Praktika Gallery, Youth Centre, Split, December 2018
“Migrations / Destinations”, Šok ćorsokak, Novi Sad, December 2018 and Ostavinska galerija (Heritage Gallery)), Belgrade, September 2018
“1990s”, Kontakt Gallery, SKC Kragujevac, March 2018.; Shock Gallery, Novi Sad, 2017.; SKC Obrenovac, 2017.; City Gallery of Contemporary Art in Smederevo, 2017.; Cultural Centre of Šabac Gallery, 2017.; Artget Gallery KCB, 2017.
“Vukovar – Murder of a City“, Šok zadruga, Novi Sad, 2016.

Recent group exhibitions, festivals and hybrid events:
6th ULUS International Triennial of Extended Media: Unpublished Materials, June 2022
Autumn Exhibition 2021 – STATE OF EMERGENCY, Cvijeta Zuzorić Pavillion, November 2021
“Performance and Politics in the 1990s in the Post-Yugoslav Context”, MG+MSUM, Ljubljana, 2021
“The Love of Homeland“, UK Stari Grad, Belgrade, June 2020
“On Love Afterwards“, with Milica Tomić, Burgtheater, Vienna, February 2020
„10+ Selection from the SKC Kragujevac Gallery’s Collection”, Students’ City Cultural Centre, January 2020
“Pursuit of Happiness”, Art Gallery, Podgorica, September 2019
“Image 2017“, Contemporary Gallery Zrenjanin, December 2017
“50 Years of Rock Concert Photography in Serbia”, Prozor Gallery, December 2017
“From Auto-irony to Auto-history”, Kolarac People’s University, December 2016
“Destination: Mars“, Petshop Gallery, Omaha, Nebraska, December 2016
“Is Art Censored Still”, Ostavinska Gallery, Magacin, Belgrade, December 2016
“Body as a Regime”, Belgrade Cultural Centre, February 2015

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