WITH KNIFE / 23.4.2023 / 19:30

23.04.2023., 19:30



Netherlands, 2022, 79′

Director: Sam de Jong

Successful TV personality Eveline is completely done with presenting mindless quiz shows. She decides she wants to reinvent herself by directing documentaries exploring the intricacies of the modern world. Meanwhile, teenager Yousef concludes that buying a new brand of sunglasses will stop his peers from bullying him. When it turns out he’s not able to afford them, he and his friend Redouan agree to steal and fence the newly bought camera of an unsuspecting woman, who turns out to be Eveline. When reporting the theft, Eveline exaggerates her story by declaring that Yousef was carrying a knife. Upon learning that this fabrication had dire consequences for the young boy, she decides to face her demons and make a documentary about Yousef and the unforeseen chain of events caused by her lie.