A View from Kalemegdan • Group exhibition

23.11.2023-14.01.2024, 12:00-20:00

Artget Gallery
23. 11. 2023 – 14. 1. 2024

A View from Kalemegdan, group exhibition  
Matija Bijelić, Dragana Vujović Mihić, Milica Macanović, Milica Knežević, Vladimir Opsenica, Marko Petrović, Aleksandra Stojanović and Luka Stojanović

A View from Kalemegdan is a group exhibition with a topic common for all participating works: the changes in the line of sight caused by the intense and invasive undertakings of investors, affecting the city tissue. Eight photographers have treated the relation between the Kalemegdan Fortress and the newly-erected northward structure.

By using photography as the medium which introduces a topic into the spectator’s vision, simultaneously condensing it, we open a possibility of communication about the issues of importance for the community, that, however, do not have other venues where they could be communicated. This also involves an experiment on perception: the fact that we are inclined not to see what we do not want to see, no matter how large it may be. Self-deception as a (necessary) survival strategy all too often leads to a cul-de-sac.