Riders / Jezdeca / 09.-14.11.2023. / 20:00

09.11.2023-14.11.2023, 20:00

Riders / Jezdeca
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2022, 110’
Director: Dominik Mencej

Cast: Nikola Kojo, Timon Šturbej, Petja Labović, Anja Novak…

Slovenia, the spring of 1999. Two friends decide to transform their mopeds into choppers and embark on a journey. On the road through Slovenia and Croatia – two countries that have just recently seceded from Yugoslavia – they are accompanied by a young runaway woman with a mysterious past and an old biker who has seen the world in search of freedom but has still not found it. They challenge themselves and each other through shared experiences, severing their ties with and conceptions of the old and thus making way for the new.

Festivals: Sarajevo Film Festival, Belgrade Auteur’s Film Festival, Cottbus Film Festival, Beijing International Film Festival…