Charter / 11.12.2023. / 20:00

11.12.2023., 20:00

Free entry.

Charter, 2020, 94″
Director: Amanda Kernell

Cast: Anne Darhl Torp, Sverrir Gudnason, Troy Lundkvist

After a divorce, Alice hasn’t seen her children in two months as she awaits a custody verdict. When her son calls her in the middle of the night, Alice takes action, abducting the children on an illicit charter trip to the Canary Islands.


CHARTER is a personal story, as are all my films. I come from a family with generations of divorced parents actually. So, I guess I grew up having to deal with that and thinking about the complexity in that, the loyalty, responsibility, power. Now I’ve been thinking about this for many years and I wanted to make a movie that is a love letter/declaration of love to divorced parents. I think I make films about my worst nightmares, what I’m afraid of, and one of those things is definitely that you can lose your children. I was wondering how far you would go for your children if you were in a custody case and about to lose them. How far should you and could you go? And is there a point where you should let go? Stop fighting for being with them? Is that ever okay? Especially for a mother, a woman? Or is that a betrayal? Do you always have to sacrifice yourself completely for your children as a mother?

(text taken from European Film Award website)