DOCUMENTARY WEDNESDAY DOCZIMA / Telenovela grayscale in color / 27.12.2023. / 20:00

27.12.2023., 20:00


Screening of the documentary film “DokZima” of beings held every Wednesday from December 6 to 28 in the Hall of the Cultural Center of Belgrade at 8 p.m. With the desire to refresh, remind and engage the audience, through screenings of four domestic feature-length documentaries (on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.) and discussions with the authors after the screenings, “DokZima” presents a platform for promoting the often hidden world of domestic documentaries to cinema audiences.

Telenovela grayscale in color / Telenovela en gris y multicolor

Serbia, 2021, 63’

Director: Filip Martinović

Filip, a young man born in Belgrade, Serbia and raised in Barcelona embarks on a journey visiting places in search of his roots. He begins by wondering where his father’s ashes should be. In this search for answers, Filip meets Asha, an Ethiopian girl with a tragic past. Together they will go to remote places in search of the origin of Filip’s family. Chasing the past, Filip and Asha find themselves in soap opera situations.

* Q&A after the screening