Critics Have Chosen, 2024: Thursday

25.01.2024-24.02.2024, .

Fine Arts Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade
25. 1 –  24.2. 2024

Authors of the exhibition concept:
Efemerne Konfesije (Marija Balubdžić, Vladimir Bjeličić, Zoja Borovčanin, Zoe Gudović, Ilija Milošević and Andrej Ostroški) & Simona Ognjanović

Efemerne Konfesije

Exhibition architecture:
Jelena Kesić

Graphic design:
Bojana Aleksijević

The Efemerne Konfesije Drag Collective ‘performs’ at the Art Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade as part of their first solo ‘drag exhibition’ titled Thursday. The concept and structure of the exhibition are a result of a year-long collaborative effort involving the members of the collective Marija Balubdžić, Vladimir Bjeličić, Zoja Borovčanin, Zoe Gudović, Ilija Milošević and Andrej Ostroški, along with the curator Simona Ognjanović. As agreed right at the beginning of the process, there were continuous ‘inversions’ of all roles and positions, which made it possible for this exhibition to be largely ‘autocurated’.

To present their specific form of performance practice, having been developed since 2015, the members of the collective deliberately engaged in a systematic reflection on their previous work, while simultaneously looking for ways to translate the performative experience of stage music drag performance into an exhibition format. Of course, this meant engaging in the process of active creation, i.e., inventing a different (drag) language, which finally included a kind of artistic experiment. Thus, the material traces of their performances such as photographic, sound and video recordings or various props and artefacts, have been completely refunctionalized and incorporated into new artistic forms (video, collage, site-specific-sound installation).

Besides the spatial framework of a scenographic type, the dramaturgy of the entire exhibition and the movement of the visitors are largely organized by a purpose-designed scenario that was ‘performed’ for the needs of this exhibition. Compared to previous scenarios, this one is specific because it synthesizes all the issues around which the collective have gravitated in their previous practice, while of course actualizing them in the context of the moment and place in which it is created. Along this path, through a possible Thursday (popularly known as Little Friday) and the eponymous exhibition, you will be guided by the suggestive voices and witty and insightful narrations of phantom drag characters of Markiza de Sada, Dekadenca, Johana Helmut Kol, Darlin Brando, Fric Klajn, Zed Zeldić Zed, Sister Mlaćenica as well as the master of ceremonies illilillillillill. In this way, the exhibition generates a possible experience of drag-by-different-means, providing insight into the poetic and critical apparatus of Efemerne Konfesije, through which, as they say, they have always interpreted, the “social-political sourdough” in which, like everyone else, “they are up to their ears” but in which, even though ephemerally, they act actively and transformatively.

The exhibition is dedicated to the charming and talented Darlin Brando, without whom the collective Efemerne Konfesije will never be the same.

The article by Simona Ognjanović, author of the exhibition.
The biographies of the collective Efemerne Konfesije.


Accompanying program to the exhibition:

Saturday, January 27, at 12 p.m.
Guiding through the exhibition

Thursday, February 8, at 7 p.m

Saturday, February 24, at 1 p.m.
Guiding through the exhibition