SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL 2024 / 30.05.2024.

30.05.2024., 19:00

The Best Families / Las mejores familias
Peru, 2020, 99’

Director: Javier Fuentes-León

Cast: Reparto: Carlos Carlín, César Ritter, Gabriela Velázquez, Giovanni Ciccia, Gracia Olayo, Grapa Paola…

Luzmila and Peta are two sisters who inherit their mother’s job and work as housemaids for aristocratic families. The two sisters know how to cater to señoras and are so well versed in the children’s private lives they are almost considered a part of the family.., but maybe not to some. One day secrets are revealed as the families gather in celebration; soon the bubble of the serene and perfect aristocratic world are blown apart forever.


Spain, 2023, 118’

Director: Arantxa Echevarría

Cast: Pablo Molinero, Carolina Yuste, Leonor Watling, Gabriel Marín Catalán “Chino”, Julio Hu Chen, Xinyi Ye, Yeju Ji…

At a school, two 9-year-old Chinese girls meet at the beginning of the course. Everyone assumes that they will become friends, but absolutely nothing brings them together…