SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL 2024 / 31.05.2024.

31.05.2024., 17:00

Alegre y olé
Spain, 2023, 19’

Director: Clara Santaolaya

Cast: Mireia Oriol, Luisa Gavasa, Àngels Bassas, Marcos Toro, María Fernanda Varela…

Lena and Carmen are admitted to a mental health center. Despite their age difference, these two women will develop a very special and, to a certain extent, speculative relationship. Thus, through empathy, affection and lack of judgment, both will manage to overcome their own guilt and fears and plant the first seed of their recovery.

Spain, 2021, 23’

Director: Júlia de Paz

Cast: Anna Caponnetto, Mar del Hoyo, Cristina Plazas, Carmela Poch, Julián Villagrán…

On her birthday, Carmela, a 12-year-old girl, is forced to meet her father in a family meeting centre, due to the case of gender violence that he has brought up against her mother.

Spain, 2022, 15’

Directors: Marta Gómez, Paula Iglesias

Participate: Gladys Carrasco, Ima Peiro

The ruins of a falling apart care system frame the stories of two women whose job is to always be. Wait. Always.


El camino de Sol
Mexico, 2021, 78’

Director: Claudia Sainte-Luce

Cast: Anajosé Aldrete Echevarria, Armando Hernández, Gustavo Egelhaaf, Aurora Gil, Lucía Uribe, Orlando Moguel…

“Sol’s path” – A woman struggles to find her kidnapped son in Mexico City.


Colombia, 2020, 83’

Director: Diógenes Cuevas

Cast: José Restrepo, Marcela Valencia, Eva Bianco, Alberto Cardeño, Cristina Zuleta, Santiago Caranza…

A son who rescues his schizophrenic mother from an asylum.