Concert of awarded contestants of the 16th International Festival “Amadeus”

03.06.2024., 18:00

Amadeus is a unique festival in Serbia, with the main goal to motivate young artists to improve their performing skills with each public appearance. This is a competitive festival which helps students develop skills of playing their instruments or dancing skills, while it also builds up on their music and ballet education, love of performing arts and competitive spirit. Each year, the festival Organizer ensures that the participants get familiar with the most beautiful acoustic halls of Belgrade, thus introducing them into the world of professional musicians. It is participants’ task to do their best in order to win the award: a public performance at a non-competitive concert. Students of primary and secondary music schools and studios operating in Serbia or abroad are eligible to apply for the festival and become its participants. The list of registration fees can be found in the Festival’s Rules and Regulations document, at the bottom of this page.
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