17th International Festival “Days of Organ”: CONCERTS FOR CHILDREN

02.07.2017., 10:00

A special concerts for children are designed as educational tools to develop kids’ understanding and appreciation of organ music. Concerts is organized in collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology (51 Skenderbegova Street)

10.00 – Organ at the ARTYSH:LAB – Concert for children between the ages of 2 and 5
with Associaton ARTYSH:LAB and organist Marija Družijanić

Young musicians gathered at the Association ARTISH:LAB insists on two things as far as their concerts for youngsters are concerned: a relaxing atmosphere and a direct contact and encouraging children to interact. Marija Družijanić will be joining this group of musicians on this occasion. She has an extensive experience both in working with children as a teacher in Music School Stanković and in performing on the organ. This concert is a wonderful opportunity for children to enjoy the sound and shape of such a great instrument as the organ, and even to play it.

11.30 – Meet the King of Instruments – Concert for preschool and school children
with Marija Družijanić, organ and Organ students from Music School Stanković in Belgrade

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once said that the organ was the king of all instruments. The size and complexity of this instrument, but most of all its mighty sound which can be compared to a whole orchestra, speak in favor of its attributes even today. School children will have the opportunity to hear answers to the questions such as: How does the organ “work”? When was it constructed first and who invented it? Why are there so many buttons and what is their purpose? Why are there three keyboards? Why are there so many pipes? What are these pipes made from? Other questions can be directed as well to organist Marija Družijanić and her organ students from Music School Stanković. At the end, children will get a chance to be in the role of organist and to play this majestic instrument, which will make this concert a cherished memory.