CANCELLED – Workshop ‘MATERIAL THINKING’ by doc. dr. art. Celestina Vičević (APURI) [s]BUK2 programme for students of Arts University in Belgrade, 16 – 18. 11. 2020. Artget Gallery

16.11.2020-18.11.2020, 13:00

[s]BUK2 programme for students of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade
The workshop is led by: doc. dr. art.  Celestina Vičević, Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka

16 – 18. 11. 2020. (13:00–17:00)
Artget Gallery, Trg republike 5/I


The workshop has been organized in the Artget Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade within the 2nd International Student Biennial of Artist Book [s]BUK2. Ten students from the Faculty of Applied Arts and the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade were invited to the workshop, respecting all recommended epidemiological safety measures: mandatory wearing of masks indoors throughout their stay, maintaining physical distance, hand hygiene …

The workshop is designed as ‘material thinking’, but also as researching one’s own poetics, with the intention that certain topics be shaped in the form of an artist’s book.  The author of the workshop will introduce students into the field of artists’ books and present her work and the work of colleagues from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka.

Celestina Vičević (Rijeka, 1976) works in the field of fine arts, in the field of graphics and art books. He describes artistic research as ‘thinking in materials’ (‘material thinking’, P. Carter), where the very choice of certain materials (paper of different qualities and transparency, combined with light and different lighting) shapes the work. In his artistic and pedagogical work he applies knowledge, methods and techniques in the field of yoga, emphasizing the importance of the creative process as a way of cognition, as well as the strong therapeutic impact of art on man as a whole.

She graduated at the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Rijeka, in the field of graphics, in 2000, and in 2015 she gained PhD in arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb, in the field of graphics.

Since 2006, she works at the Academy of Applied Arts, University of Rijeka. As an assistant professor, she teaches in the field of graphics at the bachelor and master studies of Art Pedagogy, Applied Arts, Graphic Design and Visual Communications.