58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennial: OPEN CALL DAVIDE BALULA PERFORMANCE

19.02.2021-07.03.2021, 00:00

58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennial

58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennial is looking for individuals of all ages and all body types (height, weight, skin tones, ability etc), to participate in an art performance involving bird songs. Performers will be asked to imitate bird sounds, with or without a whistle which will be provided. Skills require capacity to learn and follow directions, improvise in a group setting and of course remain focused in public. The performance will be filmed. Actors, singers, wind instrument players or other musicians encouraged.

Please send your contact and short biography in english at: jovana.radovanovic@kcb.org.rs and you’ll be contacted soon after. The cast will be organized via video call with artist Davide Balula who will give further instructions and team of the Belgrade Cultural Centre will be in charge for the realization.

The performance is planned for the opening of the 58th October Salon –Belgrade Biennial on June 4th 2021.

The deadline to send inquiries is March 7th  2021.