22.08.2021., 13:00

On Sunday, August 22, 2021, is the final day of the 58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennale, conceived by a couple of Italian curators Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin under the thematic framework and the title The Dreamers. The Salon, in the period June 25th – August 22nd, in several Belgrade exhibition and public spaces, presented the works of 64 artists from the country and abroad.
We invite you to come to the Belgrade City Museum (Resavska 40b) on the last day of the 58th October Salon and be a part of the closing program from 1 pm:

• Proclamation of the awarded authors
The Expert Jury, composed of Jérôme Sans, (artistic director, art critic and curator), Tevž Logar (independent curator) and Mišela Blanuša (curator in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade), decided that the winner of the 58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennale Award is the artist SONJA RADAKOVIĆ (Belgrade, Serbia), pointing out in its explanation, among other things, the following:
Sonja Radaković has focused her work so far on various types of contemporary art practices: video, photography and primarily performance, which is the case with the exhibited work Occupied (2021). Using the body as an artistic tool and artistic medium in her research and multimedia practice, the artist “dissects” the crisis of modern society in which we live, social morality, imposed norms and social condemnation, as well as the ubiquity of surveillance technology and contradictory control mechanisms.
You can download the Jury’s explanation here.

At the October Salon, since 2007, the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the long-time organizer of this visual art event, has been awarding the Cultural Centre of Belgrade Award that implies a solo exhibition of awarded artists in the galleries of this institution. At this year’s Salon, the Jury consisted of Svetlana Petrović, curator of the Art Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Zorana Đaković-Minniti, programme editor at the Cultural Centre of Belgrade and Tijana Savatić, associate on the Cultural Centre of Belgrade’s project Visual Arts and the Young, gave the CCR Award to the artist VUK ĆOSIĆ (Ljubljana, Slovenia), explaining:
Ćosić’s video work Unboxing Duchamp’s Boîte stands out with the quality of relating the originally local and international contexts in a measured and thoughtful way, and then also the current moment and the history of (avant-garde) art. His value derives from the fact that he primarily addresses the visitor of the exhibition who was formed and grew up in Belgrade, and not the hypothetical individual, often assumed in the world of art. In that sense, this work is characterized by a contextual specificity with full meaning, which places the local environment in a broader, global perspective through the author’s personal impressions.
You can download the Jury’s explanation here.

Performance Occupied by the award-winning artist Sonja Radaković
• The last public guided tour through the exhibition in the Belgrade City Museum
• Cocktail

The working hours of the Belgrade City Museum and the Cultural Centre of Belgrade on the last day of the 58th October Salon are from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.