BELDOCS 2021 / 15.9.2021. /

15.09.2021-16.09.2021, 17:00

Reconciliation, Marija Zidar, Slovenija, Srbija, Crna Gora, Kosovo, 80’ – Naslovna strana

An 18-year-old girl is killed in a bitter family feud in the Albanian highlands. Her bereaved father is torn by the pressures from a local bishop and an NGO chairman from the capital, not only to forgive the imprisoned killer and his family, as a Christian, but to reconcile with them – as the age-old tribal code, Kanun, once required. A poignant and insightful account of a patriarchal society caught between a lingering past and a precarious present.

In Shallow Water, Marek Moučka, Slovačka, 11’ – Vatromet

Finding connections between Christmas traditional dishes and sentenced prisoners leads to closer look at questions about the meaning of freedom and identity. Faces that cannot be recognized but their voice still remains. Is debt towards society redeemable with sorrow?

Beaumonde Scrapping, Nikolay N. Viktorov, Rusija, 71’ – Međunarodni takmičarski program

Ilya learned street-smarts in Russia’s Far North, book-smarts in literature class and the power of the fist from his father. By day, he berates his subordinate and laments the days of Stalin. By night, he scraps metal and composes obscenity-riddled poems. Ilya longs for a life more becoming, but unbridled personal demons present a major obstacle to his dreams of conquering the nation’s capital.

Heliconia, Paula Rodriguez Polanco, Francuska, 27’ – Vatromet

This is the portrait of three young people who are in search of an earthly paradise. It is the story of their journey, their desire for freedom and their emotional relationships through the protean landscape of the tropics.

Blue Breath, Rodrigo Areias, Portugal, Finska, Francuska, 75’ – Pejzaž

Crushed by a volcno against the ocean, Ribeira Quente (Hot Stream) is a fishing village in S. Miguel Island in the Azores facing the last days of a fishing activity as they know it. Everyone fights for normal days while life has to continue even with the fish’s scarcity.