BELDOCS 2021 / 12.9.2021. /

12.09.2021., 17:00

Beautiful Something Left Behind, Katrine Philp 88’ – Elemental

The Good Grief community in New Jersey focuses on a holistic approach to mourning, where children can give in to rage in ‘the volcano room’ or say goodbye to a dying teddy bear patient in ‘the hospital room.’ Over the course of a year, we get close to Kimmy, Nicky, Peter, Nora, Nolan and Mikayla along with their constant companion: grief, as they attend their weekly group meetings at Good Grief, practice small rituals to remember their loved ones, and go about the daily work of living.

The Day Today
, Maxence Stamatiadis, Francuska, 67’ – Međunarodni takmičarski program

2024 in the suburbs of Paris. 88-year old Suzanne is a technology addict. Glued to her screens, she shares kitten videos, learns about Bitcoin and devotes herself to the romance of reality TV. But none of that can fill the void of losing Edouard, her husband who died 10 years earlier. One day, Suzanne discovers a new app The Day Today which promises to bring loved ones back. Edouard returns, but he’s not quite the same man.

, Manque La Banca, Argentina, 75’ – Međunarodni takmičarski program

Under the calm bliss during peak tourist season in the city of Bariloche, a series of myths and legends begin creeping up from the underworld. Slow tectonic shifts and mysterious events emerge to expose a history of hidden repression of the town’s native people, land exploitation, a murderous state perpetuated over 500 years. Everything that’s left unsaid boils up like lava, not through traditional soundscapes but rather through the power of techno-stridently pulsing throughout the entire film.