Podroom Gallery – the results of the open call

11.10.2021., 12:00-20:00

Podroom Gallery – the results of the open call

We are pleased to announce the results of the open call and the entire programme planned to be realized in the Podroom Gallery during 2022/2023.

Based on more than 40 proposals submitted to the open call the Board, composed of Aleksandra Sekulić, culturologist and programme director of the Centre for Cultural Decontamination in Belgrade, Udi Edelman, curator, researcher and director of the Centre for Digital Art in Holon and Toni Meštrović, artist and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Split, selected 7 exhibitions and gave a short explication for each one:

The Other Side of Water, curated by Roshanak Amini: the group exhibition that holds the potential to engage the audience and the wider public in reflecting the issue of deep significance for the mankind – its relation to nature, water and to do so in a comprehensive mode of artistic research, experiment and collective practice;

Uroš Pajović: solo exhibition that will treat one of the aspects of the migrations that will be explored through artistic research based on the parallel of the political processes and the impact on the individual lives, the interconnected human paths and their aftermath;

Teresa Cos: solo exhibition that offer a perception of the world and nature from the standpoint of science and cataloguing, seen as transformed through the artistic practice, can open our view on how we experience the world and the framework which we internalize;

One Day You Will Miss Me, Julia Gaisbaher solo exhibition curated by Thomas Licek: a critical reflection of the reduction of the public space, observed in a project Belgrade Waterfront which determines the face of a city and absorbs a number of issues of a society in a crisis;

This You Must Remember, Sam Jury solo exhibition curated by Asida Butba and SKLAD Cultural space Abkhazia: The poetry of search for the lost chronotopes, the instability of the political and social frameworks, reflected through the individual memory, makes this work relevant in a post-war region as a contribution to a shared trauma of loss;

Neli Ružić: solo exhibition that invites us to explore the dimensions of time and space related to our own position, in a period of simultaneous experiences and redefinition of distances and temporalities;

Igor Simić: solo exhibition that offer playful and honest response to the intensified pressure of the digital traffic of images, text and the overwhelming flow of the spectacle through the interfaces we are connected to;

The whole programme for 2022/2023 will include 5 more projects:

Darinka Pop-Mitić – mural project, 2012 – ongoing;
Katarina Petrović: Origin v.2.0 (postponed from 2021 to 2022);
InFLUenca: group exhibition – long term cooperation with the Department for New Media at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade;
Vuk Ćosić: solo show of the awarded artist by Cultural Centre of Belgrade at the 58th October Salon – Belgrade Biennial;
Adriana Rispoli: Elena Mazzi Digging space and time;

We would like to thank to all who applied and we are looking forward for new collaborations!