FAMILIARSCOPE Giorgia Piffaretti Lecture-performance and talk

07.05.2022., 18:00

Giorgia Piffaretti
Lecture-performance and talk
Saturday, 7th of May at 6 p.m.
Artget Gallery, Republic Square 5

As part of the exhibition “The Case of Poor Images” artist Giorgia Piffaretti will present her ongoing project FAMILIARSCOPE in a format of a lecture-performance.

The FAMILIARSCOPE is an imaginary, speculative optical device used for disassociation of the familiar elements, such as objects, images or situations. It works with ‘distance’, invoking the defamiliarization of the observed in order to allow for new meanings and projections to emerge.

Illustrating the various possibilities of her material, Giorgia used the FAMILIARSCOPE to produce a range of different artworks, including the publication A New Stand, a video essay IN BETWEEN and a lecture performance that brings to life her narrative strategy based on the gesture of ‘unfolding’. Breaking the cinematic conventions to create a live storytelling montage, Giorgia guides the spectator through diverse visual fragments, juxtaposing factual and private accounts, anecdotes and archival footage.

The lecture-performance and talk will be in English.

Giorgia Piffaretti (1989, Mendrisio, Switzerland) is a visual artist living in Amsterdam, where she graduated in June 2019 as the Master of Film at the Netherlandse Filmacademie of Amsterdam, in the program “Artistic research in and through Cinema”.
Her work is particularly focused on personal archival practice, starting with observing everyday phenomena that she develops into multiple narratives and perspectives, questioning the way in which meaning is created. In her research, she uses objects, paintings, drawings, moving pictures, video essays, multimedia installations and performative lectures, with the aim of creating a direct dialogue with the audience. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, projects and film festivals. She is currently in Belgrade at the art residence within the Center for Image and Text – Footnote.