19th International Festival “Ars vivendi clavicembalum” – SVETLANA STOJANOVIĆ KUTLAČA

05.11.2022., 19:30

Domenico Scarlatti (1685–1757)
Sonata in A major, К. 113 (Allegro)
Sonata in A major, К. 114 (Con spirito e presto)
Sonata in C major, К. 548 (Allegretto)
Sonata in C minor, К. 126
Sonata in C minor, К. 129 (Allegro)
Sonata in C major, К. 460 (Allegro)
Sonata in C major, К. 461 (Allegro)
Sonata in E major, К. 380 (Andante comodo)
Sonata in E major, К. 381 (Allegro)
Sonata in E major, К. 394 (Allegro)
Sonata in E major, К. 395 (Allegro)
Sonata in G major, К. 146
Sonata in G minor К. 450 (Allegrissimo)
Sonata in G minor К. 546 (Cantabile)
Sonata in G major, К. 547 (Allegro)
Sonata in F major, К. 107 (Allegro)
Sonata in F minor, К. 481 (Andante)
Sonata in F minor, К. 555 (Allegro)

Svetlana Stojanović Kutlača has graduated harpsichord and obtained Master of Arts degree on Faculty of Music Art (FMU) Belgrade, from the class of prof. Olivera Đurđević, and Doctor of Arts degree in harpsichord from class of prof. Zorica Ćetković. She has as well graduated piano on FMU Belgrade, class of prof. Zorica Dimitrijević Stošić, and graduated on the Belgrade Electrical engineering faculty. She had advanced training in harpsichord playing in Spain (one year specialization, prof. Genoveva Galves), France (prof. Huguette Dreyfus), United Kingdom (prof. Colin Tilney, prof. Paul Simmonds), Germany (prof. Kristine Daxelhofer), and USA (prof. Marc Kroll). Her master’s thesis was “The elements of Spanish folklore in Domenico Scarlatti’s harpsichord sonatas”. Her doctoral thesis is “Approach to interpretation of character harpsichord pieces by French baroque composer Francois Couperin based on Platonic concept of universal harmony”. Svetlana Stojanović Kutlača concert career comprises solo recitals in Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, many recitals in Belgrade, also other towns in Serbia and Montenegro. As harpsichord duo member she has appeared with Hilary McQueen, Jacques Etienne Rouge, Steven Devine, Agnes Varollyay, Ana Stevanovic and Maja Kutlaca, as accompaniment to many vocal and instrumental soloists: David Dor, Stefan Milenković, Dragan Karolić, Predrag Gosta, Vojka Đorđević, Predrag Đoković, Vera Zloković, Radmila Stevović, Mirjana Savić, Anđelka Obradović, Ljubomir Dimitrijević, Ana Rajković, Karolina Baeter. She was associated to Belgrade Philharmonic rchestra and RTS orchestra. She has recorded on her own instrument (copy after Blanchet and Tascin built by Mario Bjelanović) 7 CDs with solo harpsichord music by Balbastre, Couperin, Rameau, Dufly, Scarlatti, also pieces by W. Byrd and John Bull on clavichord. She has performed Bach’s Goldberg variations, also has performed Bach concertos for 2, 3 and 4 harpsichords. Svetlana Stojanović Kutlača is concerned with aesthetical and musicological research that she has presented in concert-lectures series Musica mundana, Musica humana, Musica instrumentalis, lectures “Search for Harmony from Pythagoras to Bach”, “On expressivity in baroque”, “The idea of happiness in Francois Couperin’s pieces”, multimedia project “The Competition between Handel and Scarlatti”, performed in Switzerland, as well as in publications “Search for Harmony” and “Rationality and alchemy of Art”.
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