Shifting Pictures

10.02.2023-12.02.2023, 17:26

Shifting Pictures

4 directors, 4 European countries, 28 film screenings


Shifting Pictures is a traveling film festival with a selection of European cinema that challenge contemporary societal issues. Four directors and their films will travel to the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania and the Netherlands to enjoy European cinema and use these shifting pictures to reflect on the inner threats we’re facing on our continent, such as the rise of rightwing, populism and challenges around identity and stigma. Within this festival, Serbia will be represented by film director Marta Popivoda.

Along Marta Popivoda herself, Belgrade will be visited by film directors Valentin Urziceanu from Romania and Adam Koloman Rybanský from Czech Republic. Upon the projection of their films they will be available for Q&A with the audience. On the last day of the festival on February 12th after Marta’s film ”Landscapes of Resistance” starting at 7 p.m., all three film directors will participate in a conversation on the topic of ”Landscapes of Resistance: How we think and do antifascism today”, hosted by a sociologist Irena Pejić. The conversation will be in English and it will be live-streamed in three states in partnering cinemas – Kino Pilotu, Cinema Muzeul Taranului and De Balie. The visitors from other countries will also have a possibity to pose questions.

The coordinator of the project Shifting Pictures is a multifuncional cultural institution De Balie from The Netherlands/Amsterdam, and partners are Kino Pilotu from Czech Republic/Prague, Cinema Muzeul Taranului from Romania/Bucharest and Cultural Centre of Belgrade. Shifting Pictures are intended as an exchange of high-quality films by less recognized authors who had notable success in festivals, but did not make it to be distributed in partnering countries. The project is co-financed by the Collaborate to Innovate open call, a part of the fund paneuropean cinema network Europa Cinemas established with an aim to support collaboration among its cinema members.


Programme in Cultural Centre of Belgrade Hall (Dvorana Kulturnog centra):

Friday, February 10
16:30 Silence of the Tides – Pieter-Rim de Kroon (NL, 102’)
18:30 Blue Moon – Alina Grigore (RO, 85’)
20:30 Close Enough – Valentin Urziceanu (RO, 78’) + Q&A DIRECTOR

Saturday, February 11
17:00 With Knife – Sam de Jong (NL, 78’)
19:00 Somewhere Over the Chemtrails – Adam Koloman Rybanský (CZ, 85’) + Q&A DIRECTOR

Sunday, February 12
17:00 Brotherhood – Francesco Montagner (CZ, 97’)
19:00 Landscapes of Resistance (Pejzaži otpora) – Marta Popivoda (SRB, 95’)
20.30 final conversation with Valentin Urziceanu from Romania, Adam Koloman Rybanský from Czech Republic, Marta Popivoda from Serbia, and the debate titled ”Landscapes of Resistance: How we think and do antifascism today” will be lead by Irena Pejić.


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