The Flute Quartet “Image”

30.10.2023., 20:00

The concert Women in music for 4 flutes intends to propose pieces by women composers in order to rediscover and enhance the artists from local to international contexts. Over the centuries, women exposed themselves, composed, leaving behind a partially rediscovered musical literature. In this perspective, a particular repertoire is highlighted, the originality of which represents an important piece of our History of Music. The choice of the repertoire is made on the representativeness of the composers from the various continents following a historical and geographical itinerary. Women composers protagonists, therefore, in order to stimulate reflection on the origins of music, on the north-south comparison of the world, west-east, ancient-contemporary.The event is embellished with the explanations of each piece to understand the choice and execution.
Guest: Liubica Jovanović, violin
In cooperation with association Wommen in Music (Serbia)

Enrica Sciandrone (Italia, 1981)
Gaudete for four flutes

Vojna Nesic (Serbia, 1947)
Diptych spiritualis for four flutes
Mortem Tuam Domine
Oratio ad matrem Dei
Soloist: Liubica Jovanović, violin

Sonets for solo flute
andante espressivo-con espressione-concitato non troppo-andante
Vilma Campitelli, flute

Edewede Oriwoh (Nigeria, 1981)
We remember for four flutes

Angela Montemurro (Italia, 1949)
Oltre l’Infinito: Musica per Patricia for two flutes
Vilma Campitelli, flute
Beatrice Petrocchi, altflute

Silvina Shifman (Argentina, 1973)
La Luna por Callao – Valsecito bailador for four flutes

Lynn Job (USA, 1959)
Shadow’s Pipe for altflute
Beatrice Petrocchi, Altflute

Olivera Vojna Nešić
Molitva Viteza for violin solo
Ljubica Jovanović, violin

James Ross Carey (Nuova Zelanda, 1969)
Jasmine Flower for four flutes

Liz Sharma (Inghilterra, 1951)
2 Danze turche: Cerga – Longa for four flutes

Roberta Silvestrini (Italia, 1964)
Autumn wind for four flutes

Yvonne Desportes (Francia, 1907-1993)
Tarantella for four flutes

Flute Quartet Image
Flutes: Beatrice Petrocchi and Agnese Cingolani
Flute/altflute: Cecilia Troiani
Flute/bassflute: Vilma Campitelli

The Flute Quartet “Image” composed by Beatrice Petrocchi, Agnese Cingolani, Cecilia Troiani e Vilma Campitelli was founded in 2005 with the aim of disseminating the vast but little known repertoire for four-flute ensembles. Its name comes from the title of a famous composition by Eugène Bozza. Right from the start, the quartet’s intensive concert activity was met with great approval of the public and the critics, which has earned the ensemble compositions and dedications of the premieres of several opuses.
The quartet’s repertoire ranges from ancient to contemporary pieces, from cultured music to compositions from the non-European tradition and features all the members of the flute family, including the Piccolo, the C flute, the G flute and the Bass flute. Thanks to its collaboration with the Adkins Chiti Foundation-Women in Music, the quartet took part in the European funded project WIMUST to favor the development of knowledge, sharing, mobility and intercultural exchanges among musicians and female composers and performed in prestigious auditoriums including Sala della Conciliazione in the Apostolic Palace of the Lateran, Rome, Italy, and the European Parliament Hall in Brussels, Belgium, to cite a few. In 2017 the members of the quartet were invited by the “World Academy – USA” as special guests to the International Symposium “Give voice to women”, which took place in Henan, China, on the premises of Sias University in Zhengzhou.
The quartet has made recordings for Vatican Radio, the official broadcasting service of the Vatican, and Radio Cemat and has recorded for the labels Edipan (Italy), Luna Rossa classic (Italy) and Fabrik Musik (France).
The Flute Quartet “Image” combines the performance of famous works with that of less known compositions, transcriptions, utility music and monographs, with particular attention to unpublished material, classics, multicultural repertoires and repertoires of female composers.
The members of the quartet are all engaged in professional activity, studies and research in the flute world.
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