52. International film festival – FEST 2024 / 29.02.2024. /

29.02.2024., 12:00

Thursday, February 29

Ticket price 400 dinars

Belgium, 2023, 82’

Director: Bas Devos

Cast: Stefan Gota, Liyo Gong, Cedric Luvuezo, Teodor Corban, Saadia Bentaïeb, Alina Constantin, ShuHuang Wang…

Stefan, a Romanian construction worker living in Brussels, is on the verge of moving back home. He cooks up a big pot of soup with leftovers in his fridge, to hand out as a goodbye gift to friends. As he is ready to go, he meets a Belgian-Chinese young woman who’s preparing a doctorate on mosses. Her attention for the near-invisible stops him.

Festivals / Awards: Berlin International Film Festival – Encounters Award, FIPRESCI Prize; Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, San Sebastián International Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Seville European Film Festival…


Italy, 2023, 104’

Director: Davide Gentile

Cast: Tiziano Menichelli, Stefano Rosci, Virginia Raffaele, Claudio Santamaria, Edoardo Pesce…

School is out and 13-year-old Walter has just lost his father. As he wanders seemingly aimlessly along the Roman coast, it is a fascinating and mysterious place that captures his attention: an abandoned villa with a gigantic, murky swimming pool. But the villa is not unattended and an unforgettable journey will begin for him.

Festivals: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival…


Israel, 2023, 98’

Director: Dani Rosenberg

Cast: Ido Tako, Mika Reiss, Efrat Ben Zur, Tiki Dayan, Shmulik Cohen…

Shlomi, an eighteen-year-old Israeli soldier, flees the Gaza battlefield and heads to his girlfriend in Tel Aviv only to discover that the IDF elite is convinced he was kidnapped in the fog of war. This is a tragi-comic journey, taking place over a period of 24 hours in the hot and humid streets of Tel Aviv, shifting from terror to hope, from romance to nightmare.

Festivals / Awards: Haifa International Film Festival – Best Film: Awards of Israeli Film Academy – Best Cinematography; Palm Springs International Film Festival, Locarno International Film Festival, Busan International Film Festival, Sarajevo Film Festival, Thessaloniki Film Festival, Hamburg Film Festival, Reykjavik International Film Festival, Haifa International Film Festival…


Spain, 2023, 129’

Director: Isabel Coixet

Cast: Laia Costa, Hovik Keuchkerian, Hugo Silva, Luis Bermejo, Ingrid García-Jonsson, Francesco Carril…

Having escaped from her stressful life in the city, 30-year-old Nat holes up in the small village of La Escapa, in rural Spain. In a rundown country house, with a crochety stray dog, the young girl will try to put her life back on track. Having dealt with her landlord’s hostility and the mistrust of the village locals, Nat finds herself accepting a disturbing sexual proposal made by her neighbour Andreas. This strange and confusing encounter will give rise to an all-consuming and obsessive passion that will completely engulf Nat and make her question the kind of woman she thinks she is.

Festivals / Awards: San Sebastián International Film Festival – Silver Shell for Best Supporting Performance (Hovik Keuchkerian); Tokyo International Film Festival, Zurich Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Mumbai Film Festival, Rome Film Festival…


France, 2023, 104’

Director: Aurélien Héraud, Olivier Héraud

Cast: Clara Noël, Nicolas Girard-Michelotti, Charlotte Erika, Jérôme Cusin, Adeline Chagneau, Jan Brian, Elizabeth Hewes, Giles Kazazian…

Is this the story of an Artificial Intelligence capable of writing a screenplay by itself? Is this the story of Esther, whose life seems centered on the pleasure of a sadistic rabbit? Or is it Corine’s story, harassed by her lecherous boss? Or that of the young Lazaridis, who dreams every night of strangling a woman? And what if they were all consciously linked?

Festivals: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival…