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04.03.2024., 17:00

Monday, March 04

Ticket price 400 dinars

UK, Japan, 2023, 94’

Director: Patrick Dickinson

Cast: Ciarán Hinds, Aoife Hinds, Lily Franky, Ryo Nishikido, Tae Kimura, Rin Takanashi…

After the death of his wife, Kenzaburo and his son Toshi receive an unexpected letter from beyond the grave. Akiko, their wife and mother, asks them to scatter her ashes at the place she loved most as a child – Lake Windermere in England. The two men, along with Toshi’s wife and daughter, travel to England from Tokyo to fulfil her final wish. But the father and son’s fraught relationship threatens to upend their journey.

Festivals / Awards: Rome Film Festival – Best Debut Film


UK, USA, 2023, 120’

Director: Karim Aïnouz

Cast: Alicia Vikander, Jude Law, Eddie Marsan, Sam Riley, Ruby Bentall, Erin Doherty, Simon Russell Beale, Amr Waked…

In blood-soaked Tudor England, Katherine Parr, the sixth and last wife of King Henry VIII, is named Regent while tyrant Henry is fighting overseas. Katherine has done everything she can to push for a new future based on her radical Protestant beliefs. When an increasingly ailing and paranoid King returns, he turns his fury on the radicals, charging Katherine’s childhood friend with treason. Horrified and grieving, but forced to deny it, she finds herself fighting for her own survival. Conspiracy reverberates through the palace. Will Katherine submit to the inevitable for the sake of King and country?

Festivals: Cannes Film Festival, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Rome Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam…


Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Italy, 2023, 99’

Director: Nejc Gazvoda

Cast: France Mandić, Mojca Funkl, Jure Henigman, Vesna Pernarčič, Klara Kuk, Marina Redžepović, Matej Puc, Luka Cimprič, Marko Engelman…

After Maja’s divorce, she and her son Jan relocate to a small town. Jan becomes a victim of bullying, Maja encounters hostility, and Jan finds comfort in a mysterious man. However, seeking solace comes at a price as they navigate the challenges of their new life.

Festivals / Awards: Film Festival Cottbus, Talin Black Nights Film Festival, Slovenian Film Festival – Vesna Award for Best Supporting Role (Vesna Pernarčič), Vesna Award for Best costume Design