Deana Petrović ▪︎ Foundry of Poems

18.04.2024-18.05.2024, 12:00-20:00

Author of the concept:
Deana Petrović

Svetlana Marash

Archival materials used:
Radio and Television of Serbia (Department of Historiography and Trezor Program Scheme), Filmske Novosti Archive and the Museum of Yugoslavia

Foundry of Songs is an immersive audio-visual installation made of video projections and multi-channel sound that is based on videos of Yugoslav factories, construction sites, and youth work actions taken over from television, museum, and film archives. The recordings feature workers-poets whose poetry deals with the deep existentialist questions of the life of the working class and the position of workers as individuals in the production chain.

It is a part of the doctoral project of the Interdisciplinary Studies of Digital Art of the University of Belgrade. Initially, Foundry of Poems was presented in 2017 in the hangar area of the Port of Belgrade. Although originally designed for large, abandoned industrial spaces, this installation will be showcased in a new form to respond to suit the gallery context.


Deana Petrović completed interdisciplinary doctoral studies in Digital Arts at the University of Belgrade in 2018. For many years she taught at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade, Department of Photography and Design. Her works were showcased at numerous festivals and exhibitions in the country and abroad, and through her PHD thesis Petrović explored the hybridity of space through mapped immersive projections in an abandoned industrial space.