Presentation of the CD “Za Klavir: For the Piano” by Nina Platiša

13.05.2024., 19:00

Nina Platiša will play a selection of pieces from her debut solo piano album Za Klavir: For the Piano (2023) which combines minimal, contemporary-classical and Balkan folk elements, along with a selection of new piano pieces.

Her debut album Za Klavir: For the Piano is a collection of original compositions for solo piano. The pieces combine minimal, contemporary, and classical roots with elements of traditional Balkan folk music. Za Klavir is released April 21st 2023. The album has been described as “elemental and concise” and “compelling listening throughout”. UK-based The Arts Desk celebrates “Platiša’s unaffected playing [which] suits the music perfectly, and the close, intimate balance is what these pieces need. Delightful, in other word.”

Nina was born in Belgrade and currently lives in Canada. She is a lifelong pianist who creates dynamic, emotional and introspective music that encompasses various musical forms: from solo piano to electro-acoustic soul.
In 2021, Nina was the recipient of the Career Catalyst: Project Grants for New Generation Artists presented by the Ontario Arts Council. That year, she also took part in an emerging artist mentorship program, during which she was the mentee of composer and musician Jeff Bird, and in 2022 she participated in Undecimals, an artist exchange project created and organized by artists. Nina has composed for several short films and her music will appear in two upcoming Canadian feature films. A graduate of Toronto Metropolitan University (Performance: Production BFA) and recent student of Berklee College of Music, Nina is also a proud educator, teaching piano, musical theory, and composition.