SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL 2024 / 01.06.2024.

01.06.2024., 17:00

Argentina, 2021, 87’

Director: Maximiliano Schonfeld

Cast: Lucas Schell, Joaquín Spahn, Sofía Palomino, Alfredo Zenobi, Paula Ransenberg, Romina Pinto, Benigno Lell…

Jesús López, a young racing driver, dies accidentally leaving his village in astonishment. His cousin Abel, a drifting teenager, gradually feels tempted to take his place. He moves in with Jesús’ parents, wears his clothes, gets closer to his friends and ex-girlfriend. At first, people accept him and Abel takes a liking to the role. But the resemblance to his cousin b… Read all

Festivals: Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar del Plata – Best Lationoamerican Film, San Sebastián International Film Festival…


Ecuador, 2021, 100’

Director: Orlando Herrera

Cast: Alicia Jaziz, Julián Cerati, Gimena Gómez, Giselle Torres, Rayza Ortiz…

From the creators of Enchufe.TV, this is the story of Julia, a teenager from Latin America who has lived in the U.S. most of her life. She is popular, a successful Youtuber and wants to become prom queen. Everything changes abruptly when her family has to return to Ecuador. What will she have to face? Getting used to a new culture and a catholic high school will not be easy. The “gringa” becomes the target of “La Reinas”, three popular bullies who rule the school. Julia is now a misfit who will have to earn her new friends’ affection in order to survive.


Staring at Strangers / NO MIRES A LOS OJOS
España, 2022, 107’

Director: Félix Viscarret

Cast: Paco León, Álex Brendemühl, Juan Diego Botto, Leonor Watling, Susana Abaitua…

Carpenter Damián runs away and hides in an armoire after his boss fired him. When the armoire arrives at its buyer’s house, he decides to stay there, hiding in his new home living with an unknown family.

Awards / Festivals: Goya Awars – nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay, Valladolid International Film Festival…